NCA 2018 Membership Drive


NCA will be launching a membership drive starting on January 1st!! The neighborhood has been divided into 4 teams of about 150 households each and we will be doing this 2018 Membership Madness style with the team garnering the best percentage of members declared the winner. The membership drive will be running through mid March, to coincide with March Madness. More details will be forthcoming soon. But, we need to identify at least 4 team captains for each team. I have already reached out to some folks and gotten a few yes's and some no's. If you would be interested in serving as a team captain, please contact me for more details. I would like to have everyone on board by the end of the week so that we can roll this out on 1/1/18. Our goal is to increase our membership from our current total of 160, to over 300. This would mean that over half of the households in the neighborhood would be members. Please consider helping out, it won't take too much time and will be a great way to meet more of your neighbors. Thanks!!

Please Contact Chris Hester for information and to volunteer!

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