About Us

Northcrest Civic Association is a community organization founded in 2016 by neighbors of the Northcrest neighborhood, for the neighbors of Northcrest. It serves as a forum for residents to learn about issues affecting their community and as an avenue for exchange with business and government entities in the area.

The Northcrest Civic Association aims to give a voice to residents on all matters relating to living, working and enjoying the Northcrest community.

The Northcrest Civic Association will:

  • Promote the Northcrest community as a great place to live, interact and enjoy.
  • Uphold Northcrest as a historic community of national importance.
  • Provide a platform for NCA members to voice opinions on community matters.
  • Create a safe place for residents to meet, interact, and help each other.

 Find out about who serves on your NCA board from the Governance page.