2022/2023 Board Members

  • President – Joachim Hillier (Jo)
  • Vice President – Jazmine Boucard
  • Secretary – Sarah Phaff
  • Treasurer – Holly Golebiowski
  • At Large – Laura Baker
  • At Large - Debbie Talasek
  • At Large - Laura DeBuys

2022/2023 Committee Members

  • Open

    From the NCA By Laws, Article III Section 3.1 Board of Directors (Appended 2016.10.25):

    The continuing governing body of the Association shall be a Board of Directors consisting of seven (7) members, to wit, four (4) officers and two directors of the Association who shall be elected at each annual meeting of the membership held in September or October as prescribed above, and the office of Immediate Past President which shall be filled by the outgoing President.  Should the outgoing President not be available to serve as Immediate Past President, this position shall remain unfilled. Should the outgoing President be elected to another Board position described above, or otherwise choose or be unable to serve in the position of Immediate Past President, a third director shall be elected or, if the opening occurs between elections, shall be selected by majority vote of the remaining Board members to serve until the next election meeting.

    Whenever used herein, the Term Board shall be interchangeable with Board of Directors and the term Board Member(s) shall mean any or all members of the Board of Directors unless other prescribed.

    The titles and duties of each Board Member shall be as follows:

    1. President, whose duties shall consist of acting as the chief executive officer of the Association, presiding at all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors, and exercising those powers inherent in the office.
    2. Vice-President, whose duties shall be to assist the President, to preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, and to assume the Presidency in the event the President should resign or be unable to attend the duties of his office.
    3. Treasurer, whose shall be in charge of the Association's funds, who shall ensure that all current members have paid their dues, and who shall maintain the current membership list.
    4. Secretary, who has be charged with keeping the records of the Association (including minutes of all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors) and who shall give notice of all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors:
    5. Two Directors, elected at large, whose duties shall be assigned by the majority vote of the Board of Directors.  Such duties may include, but are not limited to, membership recruitment, member services, zoning, communications, publications, etc,; and
    6. Immediate Past President, whose duties shall consist of giving guidance to the President and the Board as appropriate and whatever other duties as may be assigned by majority vote of the Board.

    From the NCA By Laws, Article III Section 3.1 Terms of Office (Appended 2016.10.25):

    Elective members of the Board of Directors shall serve for a term of two (2) years or until their successors in office are elected at the annual business meeting of the membership.  The initial election to fill continuing governing positions following the interim Board shall elect all members of the Board of Directors to one or two year terms as determined by the interim board. Thereafter, the shall be staggered such that no more than three (3) board members shall be up for election in any one calendar year except that if a third director is required as provided in section 3.1, that position shall be elected to one year terms and shall serve until such time as the position of Immediate Past President is filled.