Northcrest Civic Association Annual Meeting 2017

Annual Meetings

The Northcrest Civic Association (NCA) was reconstituted in early 2016 in response to a need for an organization representing the Northcrest neighborhood to respond to local SLUPs and zoning/planning announcements. The NCA  from that point to the current date has met with commercial developers, like those redeveloping Embry Village (which includes Kroger), those redeveloping the gas station at the corner of Northcrest and Chamblee Tucker Rd.; and also with the DeKalb County School Superintendents office concerning the new Pleasantdale Elementary rebuild. The NCA also provided aid in taking UPS to court concerning noise abatement issues..  

According to the By-laws, the NCA is to hold an annual meeting for all members during which reports are given, the election of officers and Board members is held, changes to the By-laws are voted upon, and any other actions arising from the Board or brought up from the floor. This year the meeting will be held on Thursday, Nov. 16,  6:30 - 9:30 PM at  Pleasantdale Elementary School.  A light dinner will be available. All residents of Northcrest are encourage to attend.  Only those who have joined the Association will be eligible to vote, however you can join at that time, or at any time online by going the NCA website  

This year will be an especially important year as we will present the results of the City Options Committee. This special committee was put together to explore what options the Northcrest neighborhood might have relating to the recent county-wide cityhood movements. This is a non-partisan and impartial committee that gathered facts of each option for comparison, so the neighborhood could be both informed and potentially take action. The presentation will be at the end of the meeting and afterwards there will be short presentations by the Mayor of Tucker and a representative of the Vista Grove initiative, with the meeting ending in a Q&A session.

Also at this meeting, as a result of the Historic Designation we received earlier this year, we will be discussing ways of celebrating, and will be holding a contest for a new “tag line” for the neighborhood. We are also looking into street sign toppers to let everyone passing through the neighborhood know that we are a National Historic District.

In addition we will be voting on changing the By-laws so we are in compliance to file with the IRS as a 501-C-3 or 501-C-4 organization. This will allow the possibility for those contributing to NCA to claim a charitable tax deduction on their personal income taxes.  Plus, the 501-C-3 or 501-C-4 designation will make it easier for the NCA to obtain insurance for the Association and the events they sponsor.  A full copy of the changes can be seen on the NCA website:

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