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The owners of the old Chevron station at the corner of Chamblee Tucker Rd. and Northcrest Rd. received all required Board approvals in December.  The Northcrest Civic Association has tried to reach the owner for an update on their plans, but so far we have been unsuccessful.  All requested "SLUP's" have been approved by the Board of Commissioners, and one interesting note is that the new building is to be designed to include Mid-Century Modern design elements, with design subject to review by Commissioner Jester.

Recap of Previous Discussions:

The owner originally hoped to be up and operating by the beginning of the year without the late night SLUP. We will have to keep an eye on how this establishment progresses, and to see if they decide to re-file for the late night SLUP in the future.

Here is a recap of what was decided and agreed upon.

The current owner agreed to work with our group (and we hope to engage a neighborhood architect) to design a MCM building for a brand new Gas Station/Convenience Store/Restaurant Building. The neighbors would have a meeting with the owners and have the opportunity to approve the final building plans. We are hoping this works out and could prove to be the first step in extending the MCM style to surrounding areas and perhaps create a small renaissance in these two shopping areas. Although that maybe a big wish list…it may also be a first step.

The station owners agreed to the family friendly conditions we outlined. A few things are still to be finalized. A quick summary: no video machines other than official GA State Lottery Machines, no pornography, no alcohol sold from iced tubs, no small single alcohol drinks serve under 16 ounces, no drug paraphernalia.

The Station owners agreed to meet with the neighborhood periodically to ensure all of the agreed upon policies were being followed and the station was being kept in a clean and orderly fashion.

The Station owners also agreed to work with the two adjacent properties to ensure a good working relationship and discuss the impact on their businesses.

Nancy Jester assured us the County would address the traffic and crime problems. And it was her opinion, a well lit corner, as well as an operating 24 hour business was a crime deterrent. This will be our responsibility to stay on top of these two issues to ensure she is correct. And get her and the County involved if it is not.

It is the Northcrest Civic Association's understanding that a a traffic study is needed to check the duration of the traffic lights at the intersection and there are currently complaints regarding the quick changing light during departure from the Embry Hills Shopping Center. Drivers entering the new Station will only be able to make a right turns from both the Northcrest Road and the Chamblee Tucker Road, so this needs to be examined to see if this is feasible and designed to elevate backups. Currently there are 5 curb cuts which have caused a dangerous situation in the past with cut through traffic through the Chevron Station.

The neighbors agreed to the drive through with conditions suggested by the Planning Commission and we are hoping for a Dunkin Donuts or even a Starbucks would be installed that neighbors can support.

In addition, the Planning Commission added sidewalks to ensure walk ability at the Chevron Station corner. This was a welcome change and one of our original concerns.

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