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UPS UPDATE: A group of your Northcrest neighbors is currently working with representatives from UPS to identify noises attenuation solutions that work for our neighborhood. During this process, we have been provided with direct contacts for concerns with noise or any other issues regarding their operations that impact safety or the quality of life in our neighborhood. etc. Should you be impacted by operations issues such as noise, excessive truck speed in the neighborhood or similar issues, we encourage you to contact Chris Schoenfeld, Health & Safety Manager at 770-715-0543, or if Chris is unavailable, Nick Laroque, Health & Safety Supervisor, at 347-432-9115. While any neighbor certainly can contact 911 or an appropriate DeKalb County agency if deemed necessary, we believe these UPS employees may be the best resource to address issues. (NOTE: Please do not use these contacts for normal delivery or business concerns.)

In addition, please use the email address to submit concerns, issues, questions, etc. regarding UPS operations that affect our neighborhood and quality of life. Emails will be forwarded to our community liaison who will seek to obtain answers to your concerns and contact you as requested. We would request that if you do contact UPS or DeKalb County directly about a safety or quality of life issue, that you submit information via email for tracking purposes and followup.

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