NCA Position Regarding Proposed Wintercrest Project

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The Northcrest Civic Association (NCA) is a non-profit, community-based organization that was originally founded in the 1980s and recently reconstituted in 2016 by neighbors of the Northcrest neighborhood. This volunteer organization serves as a forum for residents to learn about issues affecting their community and as an avenue for exchange with business and government entities in the area. Northcrest is comprised of 594 homes and a number of paid household members. The following information (available from the NCA website) summarizes the NCA philosophy.

The Northcrest Civic Association aims to give a voice to residents on all matters relating to living, working and enjoying the Northcrest community.

The Northcrest Civic Association will:

  • Promote the Northcrest community as a great place to live, interact and enjoy.
  • Uphold Northcrest as a historic community of national importance.
  • Provide a platform for NCA members to voice opinions on community matters.
  • Create a safe place for residents to meet, interact, and help each other.

As such, the Board of Directors of the NCA takes the following position with regards to the proposed Wintercrest Project by SR Homes, LLC. The NCA opposes the following aspects of the project:

  1. The rezoning of the parcels from R-100 to RSM. All of the surrounding properties, both in Northcrest and Marydale/Olde DeKalb, are all R-100 and this change does not fit in with the neighborhoods. It would also set a precedent that could affect future projects in and around the neighborhoods.
  2. Access to the new homes via Wintercrest Court. This is a cul-de-sac now and opening it up to provide access would diminish the quality of life for those living in and around it. This will also increase the traffic through the Northcrest neighborhood. The NCA asks that the developer instead change the access to the existing road off Chamblee Tucker Road.
  3. The demolition of the existing home at 3778 Wintercrest Court and construction of a new home on that lot that will not be in keeping with the style and size of the homes within Northcrest. This lot and home are a part of the Northcrest neighborhood, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The remainder of the property in the project is outside of these boundaries, but this home will face Wintercrest Court and be a part of our neighborhood.

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