Peachtree Creek Greenway - Zoning Meeting Update

Peachtree Creek Greenway

There were about 30 people in attendance at the Zoning Meeting on Tuesday in support of our request to have the developer of the Presidential Tower property include a pathway along the creek by the property, which could become a part of the Peachtree Creek Greenway and eventually help connect Northcrest to the project. About 10 of these folks were from Northcrest. It was great to see the public support for this project from our neighbors.

The SLUP was approved for the property without any language about the Greenway or the creek. However, this is what we expected to happen. The primary purpose was to show DeKalb County Commissioners that there is grassroot support and political backing to build the Greenway throughout the 12-miles along the North Fork of Peachtree Creek, connecting 285 to the Beltline. This was an important step in the process and was time and effort well spent. Thanks to those of you that were able to attend and for those of you that emailed the Commissioners.

There were representatives from Northcrest, Northwoods, North Briarcliff, and Embry Hills there to speak to the Commissioners. It was good to connect with these folks and start conversations about how we can band together and help each other out with this and other matters that affect all of our neighborhoods. We will be meeting with some of the Northwoods folks soon to talk about what they have done with regard to their Historical Neighborhood designation. They are currently fundraising for street sign toppers for the neighborhood.

I attended another meeting this evening where Jeff Radar was in attendance and I was able to speak with him individually and follow up on the Greenway issue. He stated that he is very much in support of Greenway and protections for our waterways. He was impressed with the level of support that we were able to show last night.

Please stay tuned for more updates on this and opportunities to show our support. This is a great opportunity for our neighborhood and we will need to stay diligent.

Northcrest Vice President - Chris Hester

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