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You may be aware of the efforts underway by DeKalb Schools to resolve overcrowding of schools in north DeKalb. The initiative is under the heading “Secondary School Study”. The county expects to fund changes to our schools in the recently passed ESPLOST V, and to publish their expected project list late this year. Opportunity to influence this process is now.

Of direct interest to our neighborhood are plans to address overcrowding at Cross Keys High School. 

All plans proposed for relieving overcrowding at Cross Keys HS involve a new high school and re-assignment of students currently attending surrounding middle and high schools, including Henderson Middle and Lakeside High schools. This potentially includes the Northcrest, Rose Arbor, and surrounding neighborhoods currently assigned to these schools. A brief explanation of the options under consideration is included below, with more on the county website (below).

The Northcrest Civic Association is following this closely. We ask that our neighbors do so as well, and be prepared to engage in the conversation. Feel free to contact Chuck Hunt or Jim Taylor for more information. 

Relief of overcrowding options for Cross Keys High School:

Option 1: New High School in Doraville area, fed by Sequoyah Middle School. Significant re-assignment of students out of Henderson/Lakeside Cluster to the new “Sequoyah” cluster, with high potential to affect students from Northcrest. 

Option 3: Same as option 1, except also move the High Achiever/Magnet program out of Chamblee High School to a less crowded high school in the middle of the county. Same re-assignment of students from the Henderson/Lakeside Cluster to the new “Sequoyah” cluster.

Option 2: New High School on the old Briarcliff school site on North Druid Hills. Reduced reassignment of students from Henderson/Lakeside Cluster to the new “Briarcliff” high, (likely not affecting Pleasantdale students).

NOTE: Any of the options will require re-districting. DeKalb Schools is not yet announcing specific re-districting plans, however the information presented on their website does indicate the number of students moving from one place to another.

General information on the options at:

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