Letter from the President

Happy New Year, Northcrest Neighbors!

This is my first Northcrest News President’s letter. I would like to welcome and thank the 2021 board members: Alison Tyrer (Vice President), Chris Campbell (Secretary), Liza Everett (Treasurer), Matt Jeffirs (Communications Committee Chair) and Jarek Beem (Safety Committee Chair) as members at large, and Chuck Hunt, our community liaison. A very special “thank you” to Chris Hester, our past president and current advisor.

When the Northcrest Civic Association was proposed some five years ago, a talented and dedicated group got together for our first meeting, thinking we were starting something new. And along came Chuck Hunt with a box of files, a ton of history and even a $500 check from a 1990’s version of the Northcrest Civic Association! And so this organization was in fact re-born.

The NCA promotes Northcrest, a historic community, as a great place to live and a safe place in which neighbors can interact and help each other. We also provide a platform for NCA members to voice opinions on community matters. It can be a challenge to juggle these priorities, and to date we have managed events and issues as they present themselves: perhaps a function of the personality of our neighborhood, i.e., fiercely independent, talented and generous. We have happily supported all neighborhood groups, including the Tour of Homes sponsored by the Hoe ´n Hope Garden Club and the Northcrest Swim and Tennis Club-sponsored Easter Egg Hunt. The NCA itself often sponsors a get-together to introduce new neighbors to all that Northcrest has to offer. Stay tune for information about a Zoom call we’ll be setting up soon for this purpose.

One of our primary goals is to facilitate communication, led by Communications Chair Matt Jeffirs, a skilled professional graphic artist and photographer, and supported by many neighbors who contribute ideas and articles, as well as by the editorial skills of Alison Tyrer. We also owe a big “thank you!” to volunteer Brian Robboy, who has helped to refine and print our very professional product. We certainly hope you all enjoy it. 

In fact, Brian is one of many dedicated supporters who do great work in our neighborhood. We extend special thanks to the sponsors who support the Northcrest News and NCA events on a regular basis. Thanks to our advertisers, and neighbor volunteers who collate and deliver the newsletters (pre-COVID) we are able to offer the newsletter free of charge to all 595 households!

And so here it comes, my pitch to ask you to become a PAYING member of the Northcrest Civic Association. The yearly membership fee is just $20. It is easy to go to NorthcrestCivicAssociation.com and join or renew: your membership will be good through 2021 and creates a financial cushion for the NCA. More importantly, when we officially represent our neighborhood with other organizations—for instance, DeKalb County regarding Pleasantdale Elementary School construction, water drainage or public safety issues, developers on local zoning codes, or our local legislators about questions of annexation and cityhood—our voice is stronger and carries more weight when we represent a substantial percentage of households.

As a founding member of the “new” Northcrest Civic Association, I invite you to reach out, especially if you are a member, when you have a problem or an idea. Write an article for the newsletter, participate in a committee and continue to do great work in our precious “hood,” as so many—both members and non-members, too numerous to name—have over the past year. Due to the pandemic, we limited NCA-sponsored events this year but hope you were still able to enjoy the Santa Parade and photo opportunity, Halloween Trick or Treating event, and the 4th of July Parade. We are committed to bringing neighbors together in a safe and meaningful way throughout the year, even during a pandemic.

Although we are all currently at our wits end with COVID-19, I am hopeful we are seeing the “light at the end of the tunnel,” and that in the near future neighbors can resume normal activities. We very much hope that in 2021 we can look forward to the Swim and Tennis Club summer events, Garden Club activities, and the NCA’s Black Friday Holiday Artisan Market as well as all the other events we typically sponsor.

Praying we all stay well and look to the future to do the meaningful work to keep Northcrest a wonderful neighborhood, and to promote Northcrest togetherness.

All the best,

Deb Knott



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