Follow-Up to Public Meeting Regarding Rock Removal, Pleasantdale Elementary School

Pleasantdale Elementary School

Thank you to all neighbors who attended the public meeting at Pleasantdale Elementary School 12/05/18. As discussed at the meeting, the NCA team are committed to supporting the neighborhood in providing a transparent questions and answers process for all neighbors. With this in mind, the NCA will:

  • Use the NCA website to provide a one-stop destination for finding out and learning about the latest school construction news and updates.
  • Provide a simple and easy process for neighbors to submit questions.
  • Relay questions in a timely manner to appropriate people in DeKalb County to answer.

Where to Go to Learn the Latest News

To learn the latest news and developments please visit the designated Pleasantdale Elementary School page on the NCA website where you will find a link to all the Pleasantdale Elementary School news articles.

Where to Submit Your Question

Should you have a question then please submit it using the form on the Pleasantdale Elementary School page. The NCA aims to acknowledge your form submission within 48 hrs. Once your submission is received it will be forwarded to the relevant person in DeKalb County for answers. 

Are Questions and Names Published?

Questions are not automatically published, no. Once an answer is received the NCA will ask permission from the original author to publish this on the NCA website to help other neighbors. Your name will not be published, either.

What Happens to Questions Submitted Between Now and the Blasting Start Date?

All questions submitted after the school public meeting will be collated and forwarded to DeKalb County by Monday 10th December 2018. The NCA will strive to receive answers as soon as possible from DeKalb County and reply back to the original submitter.


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