Pleasantdale Elementary School Updates

The development of the new Pleasantdale Elementary School is an exciting chapter for Northcrest and the surrounding community. However, during the process of the new build, we understand there will be questions and issues that need to be raised and addressed.

This page has been created by the NCA to help neighbors understand the process and to also learn more about the blasting required on the new school site. You can download this PDF to see the proposed new site and the building footprint, as well as finding out if your home is within the blasting radius.

Stay Updated

The NCA team will publish any updates to meetings or requests on the NCA website. Please bookmark this link below to see a filtered view of news just for this specific project:

    Your Representatives

    The NCA has one official representative and one member of the community representative who will act as a liaison person between yourself and the relevant authorities. These are Chuck Hunt and Kathleen Sheppard Curry, respectively:

    Further Information

    The below PDFs has been provided by DCSD (DeKalb County School Districts) to help neighbors understand the blasting process. You can also download a copy of the presentation given by DCSD at the public meeting.