Wintercrest Project : First Meeting Summary and Next Steps

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The developer of the proposed Wintercrest Project, SR Homes LLC, held their required Community Rezoning Meeting on Monday, December 10, at the Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church on Chamblee Tucker Road. There were 40-50 nearby residents in attendance, primarily from Northcrest and Marydale/Olde DeKalb. 

SR Homes’ attorney presented the site plan for the proposed 27 homes to be built on the 5 parcels that they have under contract. There was also a civil engineer (who happens to be a former Northcrest neighbor) and an arborist on hand to answer questions. The price point for these homes is planned to be from the high $400s to the high $600s. The entire area of the consolidated property is approximately 8.25 acres. It is important to note that the land is only under contract at this time, pending the ability to get the project approved by DeKalb County.  If the rezoning is not approved, the proposed transaction will likely fall through.

It was explained that the proposal calls for seven homes along the northern boundary of the consolidated property that will border existing homes on Romelie Drive, Foxford Court, Foxford Drive, and Lynnray Drive. These homes will conform to the R-100 restrictions and will be similar in size to the surrounding homes, although they will all be two stories. There will be an interior loop road within the property that will contain 20 homes on lots of approximately 54 to 64 feet wide and 95 feet deep. These two-story homes will back up to each other, have garages on the fronts and will face the loop road.

The Proposed Entrance

The proposed entrance to the new development will be through the cul-de-sac on Wintercrest Court. The plan calls for the demolition of an existing house located at 3778 Wintercrest Court to make way for the new road. One of the seven larger homes will also be located on a portion of this lot. There is currently a narrow lane at 3940 Chamblee Tucker Road that leads to the other two homes that are on the property, which will also be demolished. SR Homes explained that this road would not provide sufficient access to the property, as it is too narrow, has a pinch point where it connects with the other parcels, and would most likely require a deceleration lane on Chamblee Tucker. This road is adjacent to the church’s property. The church sold a portion of their land to current landowners years ago and has stated that they have no intention of selling additional land.

WIntercrest Development Buffer

The civil engineer explained that there is a proposed 20-foot buffer around the entire property and that there would be approximately 60 feet between the curb of the loop road on the bottom portion of the development and the property lines of the homes on Beya Way. The arborist detailed the types of trees and shrubs that would be planted in the buffer zone as fast growing and best for sound and visual screening.

There were many of question from attendees about lot sizes, type of building materials and finishes to be used, vegetation to be planted in the buffer zone, and the location of the dry detention pond. Access to the development received the most discussion. Most people in attendance adamantly opposed having the development’s access come through the Northcrest Neighborhood and the cul-de-sac on Wintercrest Court. The developer’s representatives maintained that the road off Chamblee Tucker is not a viable option. There were questions about the volume of traffic that this would add to the neighborhood and the stress it would add to the already deteriorating roads in the neighborhood. There were also concerns about the deforestation of the area, especially right behind the clear cutting related to the new Pleasantdale Elementary School and Pleasantdale Park.

What Are the Next Steps?

Some of the concerned neighbors stayed after the presentation to discuss the project, ways to oppose it, and what to ask for as concessions if the development is approved. It was agreed that there should be a unified group to study options and present at the public hearing. Chuck Hunt, the Community Involvement Chair for the Northcrest Civic Association (NCA) collected the names, phone numbers and email addresses of most of this group to follow up about a strategy session.  If you are interested in being a part of this group, please post a message through the NCA’s website. Chuck will be reaching out to this group soon to schedule a meeting.

The next steps in the process are outlined below:

  • December 20, 2018: Re-zoning application to be submitted by SR Homes, LLC, to change the zoning from R-100 to RSM (this is the approximate date provided by the attorney at the meeting)
  • February 18, 2019, at 6:30 PM: Community Council Meeting to be held at the Chamblee Library, 4115 Clairmont Rd 30341 (this is a federal holiday, so the date will most likely be changed)
  • March 5, 2019, at 6:30 PM: Planning Commission Meeting to be held at the Maloof Auditorium
  • March 26, 2019, at 6:30 PM: Board of Commissioners Meeting to be held at the Maloof Auditorium

It will be important to have as many interested parties as possible attend for the three meetings in February and March.

The NCA has reached out to the developer (SR Homes) with additional questions but has not received a response at this time.  Once they respond, we will publish an update.  Please follow our Facebook page and check the News section of the NCA website regularly for updates.

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