Volunteers Needed


Volunteers Needed:

We need volunteers to clean the street signs near your homes in preparation for installing the new sign toppers announcing our neighborhood designation as a Historic Neighborhood. The toppers are ready to go and will be installed as soon as we get the street signs cleaned...first come first served!  We are looking to have all signs cleaned and ready for installation by June 18th.

As you may have seen a number of the signs in the neighborhood need a good cleaning.  We are looking for volunteers to clean a few signs near your house.  A full list of install locations is posted below. 

Just e-mail us at northcrestcivicassociation@gmail.com or comment on the FaceBook post to let us know the locations you have cleaned and we will mark it as ready for installation of the sign toppers.  If your signs have signs of damage, report by emailing us and we will ask the county to get it repaired.

It has been suggested that the “Magic Erasers” do a good job of cleaning the signs, but probably any good household cleaner will work with a little elbow grease.  Signs are tall, so a ladder or vehicle you can stand in is probably needed.  One member even used a long-handled brush (like for car washing).  And while you're at it, maybe clean any stop signs.  But please be careful!


Intersection Cleaning
  or Completed
1. Northcrest/Regalwoods X
2. Northcrest/Heartwood Ln X
3. Northcrest/Northaven Ln X
4. Northcrest/Regalwoods (S) X
5. Heartwood Ln/Thornewood Dr  
6. Heartwood Ln/Thornewood Dr (SE)  
7. Northaven Ln/Thornewood Dr X
8. Regalwoods Dr/Summitridge Dr  
9. Regalwoods Dr/Heartwood Ln  
10. Regalwoods Dr/Bowling Green Way  
11. Regalwoods Dr/Beachhill Dr  
12. Bowling Green Way/Ed Edwards X
13. Beachhill Dr/Bowling Green Way  
14. Beachhill Dr/Archwood Dr  
15. Archwood Dr/Summitridge Dr  
16. Kim Ct/Summitridge Dr  
17. Eaglerock Dr/Summitridge Dr  
18. Eaglerock Dr/Archwood Dr  
19. Eaglerock Dr/Lori Ln  
20. Lori Ln/Northlake Dr  
21. Lori Ln/Summitridge Dr  
22. Lori Ln/Summitridge Dr (S)  
23. Beachhill Dr/Hidden Acres Dr  
24. Northlake Dr/Northlake Trl  
25. Northlake Dr/Summitridge Dr  
26. Northlake Way/Eaglerock Dr X
27. Northlake Way/Northlake Dr X
28. Chamblee Tucker Rd/Hidden Acres Dr X
29. Chamblee Tucker Rd/Northbrook Dr X
30. Wintercrest Ct/Northbrook Dr  
31. Wintercrest Ct/Romelie Dr  
32. Northbrook Dr/Northbrook Ct  
33. Northbrook Dr/Hidden Acres Dr (SW)  
34. Northbrook Dr/Hidden Acres Dr (NE)  
35. Northbrook Dr/Eastbrook Ct  
36. Foxford Dr/Romelie Dr  
37. Foxford Dr/Foxford Ct  
38. Foxford Dr/Lynnray Dr  
39. Lynnray Dr/Lynnray Ln  
40. Lynnray Dr/Pleasantdale Rd X
41. Lynnray Dr/Valleybluff Way  
42. Valleybluff Way/Valleybluff Dr  
43. Valleybluff Way/Pleasantdale Rd  
44. Northlake Tr/Summitridge Dr  


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