Sweep the Hooch (at Spaghetti Junction)!

Community Affairs

Sweep the Hooch

Sweep the Hooch is a volunteer, community driven activity that aims to cleans the Chattahoochee River at various locations along the river. In it's 8th year, Sweep the Hooch has so far cleared 57 tons of trash utilizing help from 3,500 volunteers!

Back for 2018

Sweep the Hooch are currently looking for volunteers to assist with the big clean-up on April 7th 2018 in a number of locations. There are 40 clean-up locations along 100 miles of the river and tributaries - the nearest location for Northcrest is the 'North Fork Peachtree Creek Spaghetti Junction' location. Please see this PDF for information on this location (bottom of page 1).

What's Involved?

The clean-up operation involves walking and wading to remove debris and trash from the Northfork Peachtree Creek at Spaghetti Junction.

If you're interested in helping to keep the Chattahoochee clean then please register on the Sweep the Hooch website.




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