Proposed Wintercrest Project Development in Northcrest (Updated)

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SR Homes, LLC will be seeking a Special Land Use Permit (SLUP) to change the zoning on five parcels located within Northcrest to residential. These proposed properties are bordered by Wintercrest Court, Romelie Drive, Foxford Court, Lynnray Drive, and Beya Way. They are currently zoned R-3 or R-100. 
SR Homes plan to have them rezoned so that they can build 20 to 30 new single-family detached fee simple homes in the $550,000 to $700,000 plus range. They have stated that there will be no apartments or townhomes. 
All of the properties are currently owned by three related entities: TPIR, LLC; Tucker Partners, Inc.; and Tucker Partners, LLC.  They have owned all of the parcels with Chamblee Tucker addresses since April of 2008 and they purchased the Wintercrest parcel in January of 2015. The parcel numbers are:
  • 18 286 01 004 - 3938 Chamblee Tucker Road
  • 18 292 03 017 - 3940 Chamblee Tucker Road
  • 18 292 03 025 - 3781 Wintercrest Court
  • 18 292 03 015 - 3938 Chamblee Tucker Road
  • 18 292 03 016 - 3934 Chamblee Tucker Road
It appears that the access to these new homes will be from Chamblee Tucker Road beside the Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church, though this is not yet confirmed.

Proposed Wintercrest Project
SR Homes has several projects ongoing now with the nearest one being in Tucker.  You can go to their website and find the Weston community to see examples of the types of homes that they build, although this project has a much lower price range than the one proposed within Northcrest. 
SR Homes plan to hold a community meeting within the next two weeks and the NCA will share information about the meeting as soon as it is finalized. 
To stay updated on this matter - please keep checking the NCA website and follow the NCA on Facebook. The NCA team plan to have an update to share with the neighborhood at their October 10th 2018 Annual Meeting.
** Update on Potential Access to the Wintercrest Project **
Research seems to show that these parcels (listed above) are not a part of the area designated as the Historic District included on the National Register of Historical Places. The general consensus is that the narrow lane leading to the properties from Chamblee Tucker Road beside the Redeemer Orthodox Presbyterian Church cannot support the access needed to the area. So, the conclusion is that they will try to gain access from Wintercrest Court, thus the name the Wintercrest Project. However, this is all purely speculation at this point based on research and some knowledge of neighbors that have lived around the property for some time.
By looking at the DeKalb County tax map, it appears that the only way that they can gain access to their property from Wintercrest Court is through 3777 or 3778 Wintercrest Court. 3777 Wintercrest Court was purchased in 2014. It appears that this is an owner-occupied home. However, 3778 Wintercrest Court was purchased in 2010 to a person whose address is listed as 2615 Regency Dr E. This is the same address for all of the businesses that own the other parcels. So, it seems that they already own this lot and will just need to get permission to put in a road (either public or private) to access the property that they want to construct the new homes on.
Does anyone know if this house is currently occupied? Maybe it is a rental house for now? If you have any information you're able to share then please contact the NCA team by emailing

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