Northcrest News 2016 Winter Edition

Northcrest News 2016 Holiday (Issue 4): The inaugural issue of Northcrest News delivered to Northcrest neighbors November 19, 2016. Click here for the PDF.

Letter from the President ~ by Ingrid Nuss

The Northcrest Civic Association has been quite busy this Fall. First, we elected our first set of officers at our first Annual Membership Meeting on October 25th. The new officers and committee chairs are as follows: President: Ingrid Nuss, Vice President: Rev. Jim Nelson, Secretary: Peggy Hilleary, Treasurer: Chuck Hunt, At Large Members: John Eaton, Lisa Moultrie, and Coleen Walsh. Committee Chairs: Social Committee: Deb Knott, Communications Committee: Sheryl Nelson, Community Affairs: Chuck Hunt, Safety Committee: Lisa Moultrie, School Committee: Jim Taylor. I would like to personally thank each of these people for...(more in the PDF)

In this issue:

  • NCA's Black Friday Holiday Market
  • Community Affairs
    • Embry Hills Shopping Center Redevelopment
    • Chevron Station Redevelopment
    • Archwood Drive Repairs
    • Other Neighborhood Roads
    • High Water Bills
    • Schools (SPLOST)
    • Pleasantdale Elementary School Update
  • Community Safety
    • Car Decals Coming Soon for all NCA Members
    • Securing Your Home and Community While Retaining Costs
  • Northcrest Talent - Just a Few of Our Local Artists
    • Shawn Vincelette
    • Stephanie Jordan-Rentz
    • Margaret Vera Councilman
    • MarianneB Van Der Haar
    • Danna Cain
    • Heather Moulton-Meissner
    • Jerry Whitmire
    • Debbie Talasek
  • Northcrest Collectibles - Dansk Peppermills
  • Skylights - Considerations when replacing a skylight in Northcrest
  • Wildlife Sanctuary Winter TIps
  • Northcrest Neighborhood Partners

(Details in the PDF)