Northcrest News 2016 Premiere Edition

Northcrest News 2016 Premiere (Issue a): The inaugural issue of Northcrest News delivered to Northcrest neighbors February 13, 2016. Click here for the PDF.

A stronger Northcrest: A new civic association

For more than a half century, Northcrest has remained a unique and highly desirable neighborhood for a diverse group of good neighbors. The handsome architecture and natural beauty of its surroundings are the perfect setting for raising a family, running a business and building a life...(more in the PDF)

In this issue:

  • A New Civic Association
  • National Register of Historic Places Nomination - It's a Go!
  • Northcrest History: Hoe 'N Hope Garden Club
    • Garden Club Events
    • Northcrest Tour of Homes 2016
  • Northcrest Origins - Howard Hardrath
  • Creating a Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pleasantdale Elementary School News
  • Northcrest Neighborhood Partners

(Details in the PDF)